On publishing CC and short stories


Random thoughts

Creative Commons

Recently, I began to immerse myself in Creative Commons literature.

In principle, I can only agree with the existence of CC licenses, especially since they are well designed and quite flexible, but then I've stumbled on tons of crappy stories.

I was about to give up when I came across the writings of Peter #Watts and Lewis #Shiner. There are others too (recs appreciated!).

Short stories

The shorter the better.

Reading on a computer is fine for texts of reasonable size, but beyond that it's unpleasant.

And of course, even if the blog looks great on mobile (gotta give credit to the wonderful folks of write.as) – it's almost as nice as reading an ebook on the Kindle app or an Epub app – on a mobile phone, unless you cut the notifications and restrict the use of certain apps for a given period of time, it has become difficult to be able to read even a short article in one go...

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Photo: A rainy day at the Biblioteca Marciana and the Procuratie nuove palace in Venice – Wolfgang Moroder (CC BY-SA 3.0)